“Truly a memorable and joyful holiday for our family and especially my 2 young kids. The huge and safe waterpark is simply great! The recreation team are friendly and entertaining. The corridors and staircase leading to our rooms are somehow very wet, housekeeping team may need to station more staff to perform the upkeep work (we know of course it is not easy due to the wet body of every guest coming up from the water park), it will be safer if the floor t dry most of the time.”

“It was a totally enjoyable holiday that we were able to find quality and joyful time together with the all members of my family. We must thank the Best Western team whom have made our holiday a Great one (their warm hospitality and sincerity shown, from Housekeeping staff, F&B staff to even a security guard).”

“room was ok but tons of improvement and refurbishment and upgrading needed for the bathroom. everything was ok except that someone irresponsible broke into our room and took away:- * a handphone * a branded designer jeans * a hard rock cafe t-shirt with the price tag still attached the person also unwrapped the plastic off a newly-bought novel but after flipping through decided that the novel is not interesting or does not have re-sale value and placed it bag in the luggage.”